Severní energetická a.s.

Lignite Mines

Traditionally rooted in conventional power-generating business, we are engaged in the extraction of coal. We are committed to responsibly mine domestic lignite, thereby decreasing the Czech Republic’s foreign energy dependence while enhancing our industry’s competitiveness and scaling up affordable heat for households.

Sev.en operates two lignite mines: The lignite surface mine ČSA and the Vršany mine, both located in North Bohemia. With our operations, we contribute to preserve a significant share of lignite in the Czech Republic’s energy mix.

The ČSA surface mine holds 750 million tonnes of finest quality lignite reserves – a precious extra that safeguards affordable energy beyond the currently fixed mining limits that were decided in 2015 when the Czech government took the decision to continue phasing out the ČSA Mine. Should those restrictions remain in place by 2020, operations are due to end around 2024, after which work will start on mothballing or reclaiming the mine.

The coal reserves of the state-of-the-art Vršany mine have the longest remaining life span in the country. In 2013, the company entered into a fifty-year coal supply agreement with the ČEZ Počerady power station. The mine continues to be an important economic backbone for the region, extracting around 7 million tonnes of lignite per year with more than 700 employees.

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