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About us

Who we are

The Seven Energy is one of the major energy groups in the Czech Republic. We supply our customers with affordable, reliable energy from coal-fuelled power plants. Our activities include operations along the entire energy value chain, from mining lignite to trading and selling electricity on the European power markets.

In the Czech Republic, we operate the lignite mines Vršany and ČSA in North Bohemia and a thermal power station in Chvaletice. We combine deep expertise and a true entrepreneurial spirit and are set to expand internationally.

Seven Energy currently employs more than 2,600 people in the Czech Republic and is growing steadily. In 2016, the Group extracted more than 9,6 million tons of brown coal and is projected to generate 4,5 TWh of electricity in 2018. In 2017 our retained profit totalled EUR 284 million. The income taxes paid in the Czech Republic since 2013 amount to EUR 221 million.

The Importance of Coal

Coal will remain a central pillar of a safe, reliable and flexible energy mix in the near future. Using coal to generate electricity and heat safeguards the increase of renewable electricity. The entire Seven Energy with its highly skilled workforce is dedicated to operate state-of-the-art, highly efficient conventional power generation assets.

Acting Responsibly

Assuming responsibility is paramount for Seven Energy. This includes minimising the social and environmental impacts of our operations and staying close to employees and local communities and all stakeholders affected by Seven´s activities. Read more about our track record on sustainability and responsible business conduct.

Annual Reports

Our History

The Seven Energy is deeply rooted in the conventional energy business. We started out as a mining company in North Bohemia, where our lignite mines ČSA and Vršany are located. In 2013, we acquired the Chvaletice Power Station (Sev.en EC) – an important step to proceed further down the value chain. One more important step is the setup of a trading unit. Currently the process is being finalized. Also, in line with our ambition to expand on the European markets, we signed a 5-year tolling arrangement with Czech utility ČEZ and also wish to acquire ČEZ’s its lignite power plant in Počerady.

The Group´s sole owner, independent entrepreneur Pavel Tykač, brings more than a decade of expertise in the energy sector and a long-term strategic approach to the table. From being a minority shareowner in the North Bohemian lignite company Mostecká uhelná in 2006, he proceeded to what is the Seven Energy today.

Continuous investments in mining assets and power plants as well as maintaining strong ties to local communities are part of our DNA.

Our Vision

From the onset and on the basis of a stable financial foundation, Seven Energy has steadily built deep technical expertise and broad energy knowhow. Building on this and a pragmatic yet sustainable business sense, we will acquire physical assets in the power markets throughout Europe.

The Group is prepared for growth.

Acknowledging the transition of the European energy systems, we want to become a truly European provider of energy, flexibility and security of supply.

We will remain true to our core values and principles and continue to operate sustainably and responsibly wherever we go.


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