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Throughout our history, corporate social responsibility and transparency have been part of our DNA. We are transparent about our sustainability activities. Long-term protection of the environment and respecting the rights of neighbouring communities are the guiding principles when making entrepreneurial decisions.

We are particularly engaged in the communities near our physical assets and encourage regional development. Most of our employees live close to the mines and power stations. We feel it to be our role to actively improve the quality of life in the respective regions, working closely together with municipalities and institutions. In cooperative efforts, we work to improve education or offer sport and leisure activities.

Moreover, Seven Energy Group acknowledges its environmental obligations. Operating clean and efficient sites is one of the Group’s main focus points. We take various measures to reduce the production of emissions and waste. Two of the units at Chvaletice Power Stations have been modernized making the site one of the cleanest and most efficient brown-coal-fired power stations. Besides, in the wake of brown-coal mining, the Group has done plenty of landscape rehabilitation and continues to do so, e.g. in the Ústí nad Labem region.

Since 2013, we publish comprehensive sustainability reports. Read more about our corporate social responsibility goals and activities:

Sustainability Reports

Annual Reports

Read and download Sev.en Group members annual reports 2016

Commitment to Local Communities

One key to smoothly operating sites are the close ties that Seven Energy maintains with all relevant stakeholders on the local level. Be it employees, local municipalities or regular citizens living in the vicinity of extraction sites or power stations.

Being transparent about our entrepreneurial plans, towards our employees as well as the local communities, communicating timely and maintaining an honest dialogue is a prerequisite for a successful partnership that benefits both sides.

Seven Energy is sensitive to regions´ needs and active on community level. We develop regional cooperation programmes and promote sustainable initiatives in education, sport, leisure or infrastructure. We maintain cooperative partnerships with Northern and Eastern Bohemia regions particularly with neighbouring municipalities such as Most, Jirkov, Chvaletice, Přelouč, Kladruby and many others. Each year, we invest several million crowns to help implement projects that could otherwise not be realized. In all of these regions, our financial support contributes to equipping elementary schools, building sports facilities, improving homes for the elderly or hosting cultural events. Most visible is probably the support of the women's handball club Baník Most, one of the top women's handball teams in the Czech Republic and Europe. We have been the general partner of this club since 2010.

Reducing the Environmental Impact

Seven Energy recognizes the impact of its operations on the immediate environment. Hence, the Group is performing every measure possible to reduce the effect of coal extraction and the coal-fired power station.

We invest into the efficiency of our sites to make them as clean and green as possible. E.g. at Chvaletice Power Station, where technological innovation, implemented in 2016, significant reduced the assets’ impact on the environment. This also includes water management and waste prevention, making and using certified energy by-products.
The Group also makes every attempt to minimize air pollution, emissions and waste. We closely monitor emissions, especially dust, and make sure they remain well under applicable standards.

Seven Energy Group is committed to reclamation and biodiversity. The original landscape in the ČSA and Vršany Mine´s area is a good example. It had long been affected by industrial activities, causing biodiversity to dwindle.

Introducing surface lignite mining and moving to fix the fallout contributed to shape the original industrial landscape, ensuring the emergence of unique ecosystems and increasing numbers of living species.

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